Tuesday, March 13, 2012

B'More Healthy This Saturday @ Convention Center and Happy 3rd Anniversay to my New Hip!

Ahhh! Daylight hours, more time to get outside and be more healthy! Not to mention this Saturday, the Medstar Health system will be hosting the Fox 45 B'More Healthy Expo at the Convention Center till 5pm. I will be there helping people with their arthritis, bone, muscle & joint and spine questions. I 'm also very excited to be giving a T'ai Chi demo from 2pm to 2:15pm on the big stage. so if you've alway wondered what in the world T'ai chi was and why so many people are doing it these days come on down to the Convention Center this Saturday, March 17th!

Wow! My 3rd anniversary since my hip replacement came and went this weekend and I just realilzed it! Once again I attribute this to the fact that I forget I have a replaced hip. Modern technology is wonderful...so if you have hip or knee pain please come talk to me about it...you do not have to suffere. I can help answer any questions if you are considering a total joint replacement. Hope to see you at the Convention Center this Saturday or blog me anytime!


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